Introduction from a Manic Mommy of 4

Well Hello Everyone!

Me This Is me.


Just a little about myself to start off My name is Crystal,  I’m a young (24) stay at home mom of 4 amazing children who may or may not drive me slightly CRAZY at times 😉 and I an a wife to an Amazingly supportive Husband. Since i was about 9 years old my dreams have always been to be a Mommy of a LARGE family 4 kids is kinda big but not LARGE but after 3 out of 4 pregnancies ending in preeclampsia, We have decided 4 is all we will be having Our oldest Daughter is Dakota (6 Years), Oldest son is Johney (4 years), Youngest Daughter is Alleana (3 years), And our Youngest Son is Hunter (7 months). My kids are my absolute world and I’m very passionate about being a mommy, breastfeeding (this does not mean i’m against formula I Just want to be a lactation consultant one day) , car seat safety, and baby wearing! I love being a Mom but I’m by no means close to Perfect I have flaws, I have made my fare share of mistakes, this entire parenting thing is a learning experience if there is one thing I’ve realized about parenting is there is no perfect way to parent there is no perfect parent there are no perfect children! You have to experiment and figure out what is best for you, your children, and your family! Parenting is about living and learning and DON’T FORGET LOVING! In the future I plan on posting posts about FEEDING, CAR SEAT SAFETY, BABY WEARING, POST FOR MOMMIES, ADVICE POSTS AND MORE! So if you’re interested FOLLOW ME!

Here are a few pictures to put faces to names

My Beautiful Babies

My babies
From left to right Alleana (3 years), Johney (4 years), Dakota (6 years) and the baby is Hunter (he’s currently 7 months but in the picture he was 4 months)
my babies 2
Right to left Alleana, Hunter, Dakota, and Johney



Me and my Love
My Husband Dale and I

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