Who likes free clothes?


Need clothes for your kids?

or even want clothes for yourself?

Free  or inexpensive clothes at that?


Well I know how you can do this! A good friends of mine introduced me to the website Schoola! At first I was unsure about it thought free clothes must be too good to be true but I followed my friends instructions and before I knew it I had a  $30 credit on my schoola account! plus also was able to get clothes at 50% off so I got $60 worth of gently used clothes for $0 I spent absolutely nothing so I’m wanting to pass on the wealth! Here are Steps!


Step 1. For Amazing savings on quality clothes and 40% funds school programs for our kids. Use my link and get $20 free! Set up a Schoola Account.


Step 2. Create a Collection and you will get a $10 credit on top of your $20 for following my link and i get $20 for you following my link .


Step 3. SHOP SHOP SHOP… lol pick out clothes for yourself , your little ones or your significant other!


Step 4. Go check out and use the coupon code Delighted and get 50% off your order!


Step 5. Check out and Share this blog post with your Mommy Friends! Its a great way to support schools and get free clothes!


Hope you enjoy! and are able to get some nice clothes!


Manic Mommy of 4, Crystal



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