Here’s a Post just for the Mama’s!: IPSY


ipsy 2


Do You love makeup?

Do you need to treat yourself?

Do you like feeling good about yourself?

Do you like getting surprises?

IF you answered yes to any of those you just might be interested in this post!

Us Mommy’s are ALWAYS putting our babies first like good Mommy’s and I know myself and I Rarely splurge on myself UNTIL I heard about IPSY!

Honestly I at first I was skeptical… $10 a month for and adorable bag plus 4-5 makeup Items worth approx. $30-$40…

I thought it had to be to good to be true but my Husband insisted I should try it out cause lets face it I RARELY RARELY spend money on myself.


I am so glad that I decided to spend the money on myself!

Now let me ask you this how would it feel to get a little something for yourself every month? I know personaly to me it feels AMAZING!

Are You Interested?.. if so let me tell you a little more about it! When you sign up Ipsy gives you a little quiz to help personalize your bags to you and your liking making it more likely for you to get items that you would use… Here let me show you a couple of my bags!

glam bag 2<-November Bag

Glam bag 1

June Bag->


If you Decide to sign up, you will be put on a “Waiting List” to get off this “Waiting List” It is EXTREMELY EASY!



Once you subscribe they won’t charge you till the first or Second of the month then you will get the bag mid month! Then you can try out ALL your NEW make up!

glambag 1 makeup 2<-Makeup done with November glam bag!


glambag makeup 3

Makeup done with June glam bag! ->

AFTER you try out your makeup you can go to the IPSY website and review your items you got which… in return you will earn POINTS … there are multiple ways to earn points too… Doing reviews , sharing posts , and referring people to join ipsy!

Just a few items that I got with my redeemed points!


Now a few of my favorite products from my two new favorite brands thanks to IPSY!



                   SMASHBOX                                    TRI’STIQUE

Well If you are like me and would occasionally like to get a little something for yourself and love make up… Then do yourself a favor and sign up and Try Out the Ipsy Glam bag. If you can sign up before the month starts you can get Decembers Bag! Here’s a link for you to get started and sign up! If you decide to sign up come back and let me know how you like it!